by maximizing your
business fundamental efficiency in just 12 weeks



even if you are a first time founder

Efficiency in what exactly?







10x Ability

Go-to-market Strategy

maRketing Funnels


Product Market Fit

Who is it for?

lack of innovation /digital efficiency

experience LOW SALES OR stagnant growth

still not profitable after 3 years



HAS No product nor team

(= Ineffective product market fit or unit economic)


Series A

(= No go-to-market strength)

Do it for you:

Do it with you:

Do it yourself (steps by steps):

Alex Kim
Co-founder & President at Paywatch

Sasha advised us to successfully go from seed stage to growth ($10mil funding), helping us automate sales while revamping our product. Perhaps just as equally important, she has great EQ, is always respectful, mentors and motivates people. I personally learned so much while she was with us. I wholeheartedly recommend businesses to work with her!

Brian Behm
Founder at No-System

I've been working with Sasha for 3 months now on reorganizing my fashion brand. She's been very helpful and insightful. I appreciate that she hasn't been afraid to tell me when something isn't working and to share when something's good and is worth keeping. If she were a psychologist you could call it 'business talk therapy’. I'd encourage you to give her a chance. I'm glad we did!


Ever approachable, and refreshingly honest, I count myself incredibly lucky to have been on the receiving end of excellent advise from someone that I greatly admire for her multiple career achievements. Sasha is intelligent, savvy and eloquent, which makes her the perfect sounding board when it comes to seeking professional feedback.

Lauren Zelek
Founder at Zelek International

Sasha is not only a fantastically successful female entrepreneur, but a hands-on and supportive champion of Founders. I appreciate how deliberate and direct she has been with her feedback and suggestions as we grow and scale ZI, and I look forward to continuing to partner with her to serve our audiences and succeed in a market we do not see many women leading!

W9 & 10: 3 effective ways to conscious scaling - get your product-market fit in less than 60 days, and solid go-to-market plans with minimum marketing budget waste

W11: System thinking - Build playbooks with interconnectedness and interdependence of different elements in your business, so your success can be handed off to your team or be multiplied without downtime

W12: M&A attractiveness - Personalized checklist from an industry expert so you know exactly how to hit the home run for your business

W5: How to develop a clear business map - that unites your team and gets them accountable to their performance in achieving your ultimate goal 

W6: How to secure consistent customer for present cashflow but also innovate an exponential cashflow model to future proof your business

W7 & 8: How to create intentional design that trigger actions without cringe - Do and don’t in building branding that sells, and landing page design that converts

W1: The 3 steps to reframe your business DNA from numeric sales logic to human buying logic

W2: The 60 mins personality analysis to build winning business track and management style around YOU that you can sprint the fastest compared to competition, while feeling fulfilled from having an effective way of expression

W3 & 4: The 15 customer interview questions and mapping method to find out your prospects’ consideration journey, their deepest desires and pain points in each steps. So you know how to use the right words and right channels in your marketing that speaks to their souls, build the right bait to overcomes objections, and innovate the right product in your development to make them pay the amount you asked for.


HOW TO $$$


And much, much more…

Other than sharing you my secret method above, I'll be there for you and help you succeed:
  • I’ll map out a thorough and detailed structure customized for YOU,
  • Help you break it down into a doable to-do list,
  • Keep you focused on what’s most important at the moment,
  • Hold you accountable,
  • Push you past your comfort zone, so that you think, serve, and play at a way bigger level,
  • Give you the support and feedback you need at each step,
  • And help you hone in on who you really are, and how to let others see it too,
  • All while being an embodied example for you—as a circuit to what’s possible and also what should be avoided

**Tangibly, the goal is to help you maximize your business to 10x from where you are now.
You will walk away with blueprint that can replicate that success again and again.

So that after 12 weeks, you make back your entire investment!
And in 12 months, you wish you started earlier on your 10x return!



Before discovering this method, I ran businesses with "common commercial sense" and "relentless perseverance," but I ended up with slow sales, burnt marketing spend, layoffs, and burnout. That's when I realized, "Hey, 'keep hustling' worked for my grandparents, but it doesn't work in this era anymore."

In this fast-paced and highly competitive era, winning means knowing how to get the maximum return within the minimum time and money—it's about efficiency! I realized that the hard work I thought I was putting in was actually laziness. Instead of spending the much-needed effort honing my efficiency, I just hustled recklessly.

With this method, I've discovered techniques that have shifted how businesses are designed and scaled. Things like:

Business Strategy
(strong commercial-logic)

Design Thinking
(human-centered empathy)

An Effective Business =

The "secret"
E.F.F.I.C.I.E.N.T Method

Here’s what you get from working on your Business Design with me for 3 months:

  • A powerful hybrid (private and group) mentoring experience to give you the best of both worlds: customized support from me and from an intimate group of a few others who have similar goals and values...and the kinds of business results you want

  • A 1-on-1 Kick-Off Call ($500): We’ll start with a private call, which will be the most eye-opening—and mind shifting—call you've ever had. During this call, you'll finally learn the pieces you've been missing and blindspots that have been holding you back

  • A 1-on-1 Personality Analysis Call ($650): We’ll start the business design from YOU, which will help you understand yourself in ways you never did before. During this call, you’ll finally learn the secret weapons you have and ambition you never thought you missed out for yourself. What’s more, I’ll identify winning business tracks, management style and strategy around YOU, and give you a step-by-step action plan

  • Monthly workshops on E.F.F.I.C.I.E.N.T method ($2,000 x 3): tried and tested frameworks and systems in creating an effective business design that fast track your business into high valuation company and a household name without expensive sunk cost, guaranteed you won't find anywhere else

  • Monthly 1-on-1 Business Design mentorship calls with me ($500 x 3): To help you plan out efficient big-picture strategy for your business design that’ll have you continually moving forward in your business (often way faster than you might've imagined)

  • A branding, landing page and pitch deck edit by me ($1,000 x 3): I’ll point out exact art direction and marketing-enabling strategy to improve on your branding; and point out exact headline, information hierarchy, visual and CTA improvements on your landing page and pitch deck that will ten-fold your current conversion performance

  • Exclusive emails support ($300 x 3): I'll be available for you on email M-F. This is where we make sure you get all the support and mentoring you need to grow—fast. You can ask / talk about anything and everything (like marketing, sales, strategy, team, money, mindset, confidence, goals, obstacles, copywriting, and more) with me.

  • VIP access: You'll also get FREE access to all trainings I create during your engagement

  • A 1-on-1 M&A attractiveness call ($750): To hit the home run, I will link you up with a professional private equity fund manager who has seen successful hundred-million-dollar acquisitions (buy and sell-side) on a daily basis, so you know exactly what the success criteria are to achieve your ideal valuation or ideal exit.

If you’re interested, I open for a new batch every month.

You'll be amazed by how much and how quickly your business (and life) can change

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The Investment:
$10,000 ++
$5,000 pay in full, OR

For just the cost of 1 junior management position, you can fast-track your success and bypass years of hard-learned lessons.

FAVFUL: Founded, fundraised, profitable and sold to a Japan listed company in 2022 as a sole founder

Vice president Product

C.riously: One-person led million-dollar consumer brand


founder & ceo

HAPPYFRESH: Led strategy and development of branding and product /platforms that enabled over $200M valuation

BOOSTER: Led and scaled the development from MVP to enabling over $14M funds raised using T-shirts

Product manager

Aladdin1: Cut platform relaunch delay from 144 weeks to just 8 weeks through operational streamlining


iPrice: Conducted user research and analysis among 30M monthly visitors to inform 6-month product release cycle

Paywatch: Strengthened scalability potential to transition from seed to growth-stage ($10mil funding)

Led strategy and streamlining of development and growth. 

After (3 months):
  • Established systems across mission and vision, product, marketing communications, and business levers for cohesive business positioning
  • Scalable pricing strategy and an automated sales funnel 
  • Conversion landing page with +267% visitors and +47% leads within a month
Led development of branding, platform & processes in launching 1 consumer webapp, 1 consumer mobile app, 2 system mobile apps and its expansion into 3 countries within 6 months' time.

Today (2021):
  • SEA's fastest growing online grocery delivery platform
  • Over 100,000 products
  • Over 278 supermarkets
  • 3 countries
Led vision, mission & overall strategy as the sole founder in launching the platform and raised $1M within the first 6 months; led monetization to positive earnings within 24 months time; and led merger & acquisition effort.

Today (2022):
  • Sold to a Japan listed company
  • Malaysia's first & only beauty social commerce
  • Community network of over 150 million social media audience reach
Led cross-national development team (Washington, Boston & Kuala Lumpur) to launch a spinout t-shirt fundraising platform for T-shirt manufacturing company CustomInk that allows end-users to raise money and awareness by creating custom t-shirts.

Today (2021):
  • Absorbed by CustomInk
  • 95,026 fundraisers
  • 1,089,390 t-shirts sold
  • USD14 million raised through the platform
Led streamlining of development and operations.

After (3 months):
  • Refined branding
  • Rebuilt 1 corporate site, 1 commerce site and 1 commerce app. 
  • Went from 0 to having 86 live merchants (offering 2045 SKUs)
  • A successful relaunch recognized by the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (Medac) in Malaysia
  • Enabled global trading in over 45 countries.
Led strategy and development of branding, product, and sales funnels. Enabled a lean and efficient business by leveraging and automating daily operations such as manufacturing, logistics, marketing, and online and offline distribution.
Led user research and analysis.

After (3 months):
  • Data informed 6-month release product roadmap

3x founder, 7x founding team. In the last decade, I've built, fixed, or grown more than 10 startups that went on to become over $400 million in total valuation, most of them from the ground up.

PROFITABLE under Bootstrap or <$1 million funding

I been through A-Z:

I scaled hungry before:

12 under 30

30 under 30

40 under 40

2x idea to exit as a sole founder

I'm a BFF (Best Founder Friend):


Total company valuation that I've built /fixed:

over $400 million, mostly from scratch

I've been there myself

Are we a good fit?

You just kind of  want to change

You'd rather spend the next 90 days where you are now

You don't want to breakthrough from reckless hustling - you rather just want to make the problem out of sight for now instead of learning the right ways

You think you know the best already and support/other perspective is not necessary

You don't mind losing hundreds of thousands or years of sunk costs to learn hard lessons

You WANT to change for the better

You want the next 90 days to be transformative for the rest of your entrepreneurship journey

You want to gain frameworks and tools to lead your team and business confidently instead of guessing or being carried away

You are open to being seen, heard, and receiving help

You are cautious of your limited funds and time to win your competition 



The truth is I'm really passionate and I’d be more than happy to design your business with you. That’s why I made myself available!
But because I put so much effort and time into each project I assist (while managing my own), I’m very selective in the clients I take on.

It's time to make a decision

I can help you design and architect a desirable and scalable business in just 90 days, even if you are a first-time founder. I will share all the tried and tested methods in an effective Business Design and assist you in building your business into a high-valuation company and a household name.

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ApPLY TO LET me help you

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If you are not worried about spending months and hundreds of thousands of dollars on sunk costs just to learn or if you already have a superstar business strategist who consistently delivers for you, don't apply.

#Option 1:

You can take a gamble on your budget with a business coach, but without fixing your fundamental Business Design, most likely, you will be left with more tasks on one specific problem (that they specialize in) while the other problems remain.

A good mentor could be the savior, but they can only be helpful provided you know how to spot your root-cause and present options for them to advise within short ad-hoc call/meet up. Most often, we don't have the strength to do just that when we are overwhelmed.

#Option 2:
Engage somebody else

Let's hustle smarter,
not harder