Yet, you struggle to move the needles, leading to missed opportunities, feeling low and unable to see a clear way forward

Because they don't just rely on hope, they have coping mechanisms that took  significant years and sunk cost to develop



You are probably feeling a little frustrated with your business’s growth right now, yet the more you try to progress the more overwhelmed you feel.

I get it, I’ve been there myself..

I started with bright eyes, high hopes. 

I was in the hustle, head down, grinding day in and day out. But one day, I looked up and found myself burned out and deep in debt. I wondered, how did I get here? What else could I do?

That's when I decided to go back to the basics. I paused, re-evaluated, and sought help from experts and coaches. 

Only then did I develop clarity and systems. 

I realized that the hard work I thought I was putting in was actually laziness. Instead of spending the much needed effort in honing my weapon, I just hustled with brute force. 

A sharp weapon wins over reckless hard work.

You don't have to hustle recklessly anymore. That's why I created my mentorship program. It is designed and personalized to give you the clarity and systems you need to scale your business to the next level efficiently. 

You are in the perfect place if you want to...

Get ahead of the competition, even if you are currently an underdog

Grow your business with confidence and clarity - knowing exactly how to sell, what to say, where to spend, and how to lead a lean and efficient team towards ambitious goals

Achieve bigger results with less time and fewer resources - have efficient systems and know how to effectively leverage

Own a brand and product that not only you are proud to show off, but customers rave the same way too 

Feel in control of your business without constant struggle or being overwhelmed by out-of-context advice from social media or friends

Feel comfortable outside your comfort zone as a founder

  • If you are a long-time founder who has been numb in your extensive business journey and seeking a fresh perspective

  • If you are a sole-founder who doesn't have the luxury of time and funding to put down the drain

  • If you are a burned-out founder craving constructive systems instead of feel-good therapy

  • If you are a first-time founder who wants to minimize risk and odds of failure

This is for you:

Brian Behm
Founder at No-System

I've been working with Sasha for 3 months now on reorganizing my fashion brand. She's been very helpful and insightful. I appreciate that she hasn't been afraid to tell me when something isn't working and to share when something's good and is worth keeping. If she were a psychologist you could call it 'business talk therapy’. I'd encourage you to give her a chance. I'm glad we did!


Ever approachable, and refreshingly honest, I count myself incredibly lucky to have been on the receiving end of excellent advise from someone that I greatly admire for her multiple career achievements. Sasha is intelligent, savvy and eloquent, which makes her the perfect sounding board when it comes to seeking professional feedback.

Lauren Zelek
Founder at Zelek International

Sasha is not only a fantastically successful female entrepreneur, but a hands-on and supportive champion of Founders. I appreciate how deliberate and direct she has been with her feedback and suggestions as we grow and scale ZI, and I look forward to continuing to partner with her to serve our audiences and succeed in a market we do not see many women leading!

Alex Kim
Co-founder & President at Paywatch

Sasha advised us to successfully go from seed stage to growth ($10mil funding) on a 4-month program, helping us automate sales while revamping our product. Perhaps just as equally important, she has great EQ, is always respectful, mentors and motivates people. I personally learned so much while she was with us. I wholeheartedly recommend businesses to work with her!

 Structured Mentorship Program

Establish Avengers-like team efficiency
- Chain of command
- Lean agile methodologies

Streamline to handle 10x growth
- SOPs
- Automations

Next level growth
- Sales funnels

Stand out from the crowd
- Branding
- Unique differentiator

Cut through the noise
- Magic keywords
- Content system

Get paid consistently while enabling exponential growth
- Cash cow business model
- Future star business model

Discover the hidden gems in your founder's toolbox
- Your driver / nature
- Unfair advantages

Crystalize a winning business map
- Vision and mission
- North star metric & KPI system

Gain Professor X's super clarity about your customer
- Customer interview system
- Grab the money left on the table



  • 4 calls per month
  • Emails (available IN between calls)


PROFITABLE under Bootstrap or <$1 million funding

I been through A-Z:

I scaled hungry before:

I get you, because I’m a practitioner

12 under 30

30 under 30

40 under 40

2x idea to exit as a sole founder

I'm a BFF (Best Founder Friend):


Total company valuation that I've built /fixed:

over $400 million, mostly from scratch

Do you have what it takes?

Are not willing to invest in learning (neither time nor money) 

Are satisfied with their current level of growth

Believe their perspective is the only valid perspective

Are unable to embrace vulnerability

Are reckless hustlers who prioritize pushing forward with brute force over building a strong foundation strategically

You have a burning desire to take your business to the next level

You are open to being seen, heard, and receiving help

You are excited to see things in a new light

You want to overcome challenges once and for all with the support of organized frameworks

You are a mindful hustler who believes in sustainable growth and building a strong foundation for your business



  • Development debt: Save years of working in dysfunctional siloed teams that guess what customers want, investing in long development cycles before finding out the truth, if ever.

  • Failure debt: Reduce the odds of failure and costly trial and errors in building a successful business.

  • Burnout debt: Avoid costly downtime and mental struggles that can take years to recover from.

Save yourself from future debts and protect your much needed sanity ASAP:

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Let's hustle smarter,
not harder